What I Want To Do With My Blog

Right so after publishing my first blog, I figured it would be useful to just establish what I am actually writing for and about.

So what am I doing it for?

—De-stressing I guess? Writing is therapeutic in itself, and writing about stuff I really care about but am not able to say out loud is therapeutic^2 (and honestly kind of how I keep myself sane 99% of the time.) .

Admittedly this blog in itself is likely to not be that different to my usual writing coping mechanism. This involves simply opening my google docs and typing furiously until my mind feels lighter and my stomach has stopped doing the trademark Anxiety Clench. But for some reason this brings me more relief, I guess maybe it’s the fact that it’s public, meaning that theoretically somebody other than myself could stumble upon it. It’s not even that I want people to read it, it’s just the concept that there is potential for them to do so? It’s like my own cosy corner of the internet. Which is still iLlOgiCal since that’s essentially what a google doc is anyways, but the idea brings me comfort so fuck it. (this is my philosophy for a worrying proportion of goings on in my life)

—To serve as a timeline/diary, I hope to keep this blog going for a WHILE. so it’d be pretty cool to be able to look back on it as I grow up and see my perceptions and experiences of things alter. It is likely that I will neglect it for periods of time, but I will try to publish entries regular-ish-ly (ew you have commitment issues Immy, we get it), particularly when mildly significant events occur in my ˗ˏˋ incredibly mundaneˎˊ˗ life.

—Getting better at articulating myself? This one is a lil different from the other motives for beginning this blog, but idk I’m always trying to work harder to establish who I am as a person, so that I am able to -live my truth-. So I am banking on the design that writing consistently about myself (rather than fantasy pirate alternate universes) may help with the self-actualization side of things.

Things I may or may not post:

  • Journal entries
  • Streams of consciousness
  • Short stories/poems I write
  • Just my views on specific topics because if I keep it all in it may terminate in spontaneous combustion

2 Comments Add yours

  1. stenniebennie says:

    yesss i’m so excited for this!!!


  2. Steinunn says:

    As an enthusiast of your blog I feel robbed of content


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